In our last episode, we discussed the notion of “A People Company that makes loans.” Today, we explore the “Provident Service Agreement” and what it means to you.

Most organizations keep their service agreement a “secret.” Everyone says they have one, but most of the “good intentions” were forgotten, long ago, “tucked away,” between the empty promise to “close on time” and the rhetoric surrounding “meeting your needs.” We hire ahead of time to preserve our service commitments. We report, share, and hold ourselves accountable are responsible for our “Provident Service Agreement.” We are responsible for our “pledge” at every level, and we meet every Friday at 9:00 am to ensure that we are measuring our “support” by written standards and expectations. I even have it framed on my wall. IT MATTERS! Service matters! Your credibility matters!

Mortgage Advisors are on the “front line,” “taking fire” from every direction, and you can count on our people to be in the “foxhole” with you. This organization was built “by loan officers for loan officers,” and every decision we make supports our mission to help our people serve our clients and honor the communities in which they live and work. We get that! “We’ve got your 6.”

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