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Everyone's journey is different and unique.
Here are some of the mortgage loan types we offer.



Loans not offered or secured by a government agency



Loans that are above the conventional loan limits up to $2.5 million

new construction

Alternative Home Loans

Loans that are not required to meet standard agency documentation requirements


Loans available to active and retired service members and their spouses




Loans to help low- to moderate-income families attain homeownership.



Loans for lower income residents of rural areas

Which rate type is best for me?

Fixed Rate

Most common and the interest rate stays the same for the entire loan term 

Good choice if you plan on staying in the home for a long time

Consistent monthly principal and interest payments


Adjustable Rate Mortgage that fluctuates depending on current market conditions

Good choice if you plan on only owning the home for a short time

Initial monthly payments may be lower

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Are you looking to purchase your first home?

Congratulations on deciding to become a first-time homebuyer. Our Mortgage Advisors understand the extra time that is required to help those who have never obtained a mortgage. We are ready to help and explain every step.

Documents that may be required

It is our mission to make the home loan application process smooth and transparent whether it be completely digital or with one-on-one individual guidance.

African American Couple working on laptop with documents in hand while having coffee.

Income & Employment

Although not required on some of our alternative home loans, these documents would verify your income and employment status.

Bank Statements

In most cases, two months of bank statements will be required and verification of any gift funds.

Credit Report

After you have given the green light, we will pull your credit report to help determine eligibility.


Contact information for your insurance carrier and proof of homeowners insurance and other insurances if necessary.

Need more information?

Reach out anytime, we are ready to help!

Our Streamlined Process

Through feedback and analytics, our clients,
employees and partners have helped us develop a
process that is fine-tuned and streamlined.

Choose Your Starting Point

We understand everyone likes to go through the process differently, so we have options. You can do everything through our mobile application or speak directly with an experienced Mortgage Advisor throughout the entire process, it’s your choice.

Share Your Goals

Whether it’s through our online application or our first conversation, we want to understand your financial goals so we can advise you on a variety of products to help meet those goals.

Approval Process

We will review your loan application, pull your credit and verify any critical details.

Finalize Your Loan

If you get approved and all conditions to close are met, we will set up a date to close on your loan!